Drug Detox

Drug detox is the process of physically withdrawing from your drug of choice. This is usually one of the first programs you will enter once you decide to enroll in a drug treatment center. It is one of the first programs in a drug treatment center because you cannot begin the mental healing, which you will need to reach sobriety, until you are physically independent from your drug. This means, in simpler terms, that lasting sobriety starts with no longer physically craving or wanting your drug of choice. However, if you were to enroll in one of the best, luxury drug treatment centers, the drug detox part of your treatment will not be as stressful as you might expect.

In our luxury treatment center, located in the world famous beach community of Malibu California, you will go through drug detox in the most comfortable settings imaginable. Moreover, you can have spa treatments to ease the physical discomfort of detox. We offer you the most qualified staff, beachfront views, and luxury bedding to help you during this difficult time. Your detox period will be less stressful because you will be in a safe, secure, and private environment. All you need to do is call us at 1-877-822-2307 to get started with your rehabilitation process today.

What Does Drug Detox Entail?

As already stated, drug detox is when you are withdrawing from your drug of choice in a medically supervised environment. However, knowing what drug detox is does not explain what detox entails. To understand what drug detox entails, you first need to understand a little about withdrawal. When you first enter into our exclusive treatment center, we will inform you of what you can expect during prescription drug detox and the following programs. You should note that, while there are “book definitions” of what detox and withdrawal entails, you may not experience all of the listed symptoms or you may experience different ones, as you are a unique person with a unique addiction.

The most common symptoms associated with drug detox are nausea, the shakes, anxiety, inability to sleep, night sweats, headache, and over all bodily discomfort. In addition, with some opiate derived drugs, you may experience more sever withdrawal symptoms that require a specially trained medical staff. While these symptoms can range in severity, depending on your addiction, if you were to enroll in a luxury drug detox center, such as ours, many of these symptoms can be eased, if not alleviated all together. During your detox period, at our center, you will have the option of spa treatments and Jacuzzis to help ease your pain. It is our goal to make your recovery period as comfortable as possible.

After Drug Detox

As you may have realized, and what has already been stated, drug detox is only the first part of your rehabilitation process. In fact, to many addicts, such as yourself, the detox period may be the easiest part of rehab, as you are not yet facing the harsh realities of why you started using drugs, what you were hiding from with your drugs, and how your drugs affected all of your loved ones. After drug detox, you will begin your mental healing, because the physical addiction is only the skin-deep part of your drug addiction. In the following days, especially at our Malibu treatment center, you will engage in many more treatments, some traditional and others alternative. Some of the traditional treatments you will be offered in your highly individualized drug detox treatment plan include group therapy, individual counseling, family and marriage counseling, relapse prevention classes, learning how to think more positively, and addiction education. While these are only a few of the traditional treatments offered at our exclusive rehab center, they are some of the most important. In addition, you will have many options of alternative therapies. Alternative therapies you can enroll in include art therapy, massage therapy, a gourmet chef, a personal trainer, a nutritionist, and yoga.

Effective Drug Detox Promotes Well Being

Effective drug detox programs promote your over all well being. This means that the programs do not only focus on healing either your physical or mental addiction, the drug detox program seeks to help you become healthier over all. Located on the beaches of Malibu California, you will find that our treatment center is the best drug treatment center, for the fact that we offer the luxury amenities and alternative therapies to help you become energized and healthy. We will offer you a nutritionist and a gourmet chef because eating properly is key in becoming healthier. You will have the option of engaging in horseback riding or hiking, because exercise builds up the strength you need to overcome your addiction. Moreover, we offer many forms of “play” therapies because you need to find your own path back to sobriety.

By calling 1-877-822-2307, you will be given the opportunity to heal from the inside out. All aspects of your addiction will be addressed. Moreover, you will be given the opportunity to obtain lasting sobriety in privacy, as we are a very exclusive and private drug detox center. You deserve the best treatments, and that is what you will receive at the best treatment center in Malibu.

Family Involvement in Drug Treatment

One of the last things you need to realize about your drug detox programs is that family involvement is crucial. Your addiction has affected the ones you love more then you realize right this moment. They deserve the chance to express how your addiction has affected them. Your loved ones deserve the chance to learn about drug addiction, and for that matter drug detox, to understand why you were addicted and why you couldn’t stop using your drug of choice. Moreover, your family deserves to a part of something that has affected them so greatly.

Drug detox programs that include your family allow you to heal broken relationships and allow you to start building that trust back up. Drug detox programs that include your family allows you to build a support system outside of the treatment center, meaning that your loved one will know how to support you and how to help you avoid the triggers that drove you to use drugs. Your family can help you in more ways than you realize and this is why any drug detox program should include the people you love.

For more information about our drug detox program, please give us a call today at 1-877-822-2307. Make hope a reality.